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Washing Maintenance of Air Conditioning Machine

by:Ligao      2020-05-15
The large metal stamping should be composed of three parts: air conditioning bracket and exposed part. They are easily to get polluted. Filtering network washing is the assignment for common family housework. Condenser and evaporator are core gadgets for air conditioner washing. 1 Air conditioning outer shell and related gadget washing The washing of air conditioning bracket and related gadgets is quite easy. The air conditioning bracket can be completely washed clean by fresh water with tiny amount of washing agent or professional air conditioner agent. 2 Filtering network washing The filter net would be the part for frequent washing in family use. Open the indoor air conditioner shell to check whether there is dust or strange smell in the net. If there is too much dust or too strong smell, the filter should be cleaned. During the washing process, the machine should be power off in advance. Then, the main board can be opened to take the filtering net out. Use brush-style dust absorption tool to get rid of dust, and then wash the net by clean water. Load the filter network and then set the remote controller at freezing mode. The temperature would be set in the lowest condition to start running. After checking the potential risks via operation test, the wind-speed switch of remote controller can be set for different levels. Check whether there is abnormal noise. Starting the machine by around 15 minutes, check the normal running of outer fans with related noise. Turn on the machine by 30 minutes and watch whether there is any cold wind blowing from the machine and condensing water coming out of pipeline. Or, whether the water flowing is smooth or not. 3 Clean on condenser and evaporator The parts of condenser and evaporator are the core of air conditioning washing. The air conditioner will meet the cold effect via the running of condenser and evaporator. Common air conditioner would gather dirt and dust on such two devices by the thickness of 2mm without any washing in two years. That will seriously influence the cold-effect forming of air conditioner. Alone with the long utility period, the electric cost would be great and the utility longevity would turn short. On the washing of condenser and evaporator, we may commonly turn to the professional help. The reason is: aluminum wing pieces in condenser and evaporator are with the size of only 0.2mm. Tv brackets suppliers are easily to get damaged. During the washing process, we can apply professional air conditioning washing agent and tools.
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