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Market Analysis of Auto Parts

by:Ligao      2020-05-20
Auto parts are products which constitute the car overall unit and serve the automotive. There is a wide range of auto parts and more and more car brands, more and more car type. In general, the car can be divided into three categories; there are heavy-duty vehicles, mini-cars, buses. With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of the car is more and more, the auto parts market has become is also growing. In recent years, the auto parts manufacturer has also developed rapidly. The first is the domestic market. After China has become the world's first automobile production and sales country, automotive aftermarket has attracted widespread attention. Automotive aftermarket not only refers to the maintenance. The definition of automotive aftermarket even insiders will certainly have a lot of differences. But this article is not intended to planning and definition of automotive aftermarket, it is to brief analysis of the current situation and the future development direction about it. China's car market in general can be divided into five major industries: car wash, beauty, modification industry; auto insurance industry: automotive repair and parts industry; automotive supplies industry; second-hand cars and rental industry. This 5 industry has its own deadly problem. Car wash, beauty, modification industry: if with commercial water, electricity, car washing is not making money. Automotive beauty, modification industry is relatively non-standard; there is no industry standard about it. Specifically car modification, it is often in violation of the laws and regulations of our country and at a more embarrassing position. The car insurance industry: the Mishap of it is more, about the scope of compensation and the scale is not clear, emotional factors are heavy as well. Potentially fraudulent behavior become accustomed, it was considered potentially fraudulent is to take advantage, rather than illegal, this is the one of the factors that causes the high price of car insurance today. Auto repair and parts industry: 4S stores rely on car insurance survival. Due to its price is several times higher than the auto repair shop, owners who's the vehicle's age more than three years tend to choose the repair shop maintenance. However, the quality of the repair shop for maintenance is chilling. The second is the international market. In recent years, China's car prices spare parts suppliers has been gradually improving, especially platform for the implementation of the strategy, the sharing of auto parts is relatively common, supporting the market is relatively stable. Considerable number of enterprises to attention turned to open up overseas markets. Supporting the market is relatively mature; stable can be described as an auto parts compete for the strategic high ground. Despite the 2008 economic crisis make the world, especially Europe and the United States auto industry into a recession, procurement requirements of international buyers of auto parts in China has not been significantly affected, contrary showed a strong growth trend. In particular, the amount of sourcing of the two, three supporting business is dramatic increase. With the continuous development of the industry, domestic and international supporting procurement exposing the corresponding disadvantages. First, the procurement of species is fewer and number is limited. The second is procurement audit period and production cycle is long. Third, buyers generally have a strict standard requirement to suppliers. Fourth is the region characterized is not obvious. Since the Chinese automotive industry-wide growth of more than 40%, in 2010, the capacity expansion of the auto parts company is to become the industry-wide trend. Many great potential but not fully developed foreign markets become overseas destination which China parts enterprises to expand. Dongguan Hushun Hardware Electron Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in all kinds of precision metal stamping parts, the products are widely used in electronics, switch, toys, lighting, furniture, computer accessories, communication, digital, safety control, etc. And the products are Switch socket, Stamping parts,Computer peripheral, plastic part, Car accessory, Hardware terminal. The thickness of the material can be 0.1-6 mm; the min tolerance can be +/-0.01 mm. We have many imported precision equipment. The output is nearly billion parts per year.
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