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How To Use A Baby Footprint Stamping Parts

by:Ligao      2020-05-23
A baby footprint stamping parts is a great addition to any craft box as it is something that can be used for your card making ideas as well as your scrapbook page layouts. When card making a baby footprint stamping parts can be used for birthday cards, christening cards, new baby cards and also for thank you cards. As with all rubber machining parts there are so many ways you can incorporate a stamped image to a card so I have put together a few card making ideas you could create using your baby footprint machining parts. 1. Why not use your baby footprint welding parts to create a unique shaker card. Instead of using beads, sand or confetti as the parts that shake, welding parts your baby footprint welding parts a number of times onto shrink plastic, cut them out and heat to shrink them. Adding the tiny footprints to the shaker part of the card will not only look great but will also be fun to do. 2. Use your baby footprint stamping parts to create metal embellishments. Most tin or metal foil is perfect for rubber stamping. You can also sponge the surface of the metal with ink before stamping your image to give it some color. 3. Stamp your baby foot print stamping parts onto fabric and add to your card. Smooth fabrics such as silk, cotton and muslin give you the best stamping results. Always wash your fabric before applying the machining parts. 4. Stamping your baby foot print machining parts more than once directly onto card would look like a baby has literally walked across your card. 5. To give your stamped image a raised surface, press your baby footprint stamp onto paper or card and use embossing powders to make the image stand out. Simply sprinkle your embossing powder over the stamped image, gently tap any excess away and use a heat gun to heat the embossing powders. 6. If you want to create a 3D image of the footprint simply machining parts the image directly onto the card and again onto a separate piece of card. Cut out the second image and attach over the top of the first with 3D foam. 7. Dry embossing - Press the baby footprint stamp onto vellum paper. Turn the image over and place on a foam mat. Use a dry embossing tool and apply even pressure to the stamped image giving it a raised and frosted finish. A baby foot print welding parts has so many uses it really is a great investment for any crafter. Always remember to clean your welding parts properly after every use to avoid deterioration. If you are using a fast drying ink such as stazon you will need a specialist cleaner to properly remove the ink from the welding parts.
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