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How many stainless steel stamping are produced by Ligao Precision Stamping and Mold per month?
These years witness the growth of monthly output of stainless steel stamping at Shenzhen Ligao Precision Mould Co,.Ltd. This can be seen as the result of technology advancement, machine introduction and production management. We will record how many products are produced each month, with attention paid to the growth rate comparing with the last month. We believe through efforts in personnel allocation and production arrangement, the production efficiency will be further improved in a steady manner while the product quality remains stable and reliable.
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In Ligao Precision Stamping and Mold, die mold is fully produced in accordance with international standards. The precision metal stamping series has become a hot product of Ligao Precision Stamping and Mold. This product can effectively resist pilling. The structure of the fabric has been totally tightened and the frictional resistance has been relatively enhanced. It is widely used as machinery, automotive and electronic components. Its surface is smooth and cool to touch. People say it has no coarse feeling when they touch it compared to other alternatives. It can be used in corrosive media with good corrosion resistance.

We strictly follow sustainability practices. We are in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and involve all our employees in our environmental program.

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