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Anything Deep Drawn Parts And About Stamping Parts

by:Ligao      2020-05-18
Flight pressure ratio less than stamping parts, flight mach number is less than that generally does not work. Subsonic ramjet stamping parts engine used in the subsonic aircraft, such as subsonic drone.Ramjet stamping parts engine is the airflow into the engine by means of a head after the slowdown, allowing the air to improve air static pressure of a jet engine. It usually consists of the inlet , the combustion chamber, promoting the nozzle formed. Ramjet stamping parts no compressor, it is also known as non-air jet engine compressor. Supersonic ramjet stamping parts propulsion to six times the speed of sound for the subsonic, supersonic target aircraft and surface to air missile used.By application divided into subsonic ramjet stamping parts, supersonic, hypersonic three.First introduce the principle of stamping parts. This method of compressed air engine, is by aircraft flying at high speed, the relative airflow into the engine inlet in the slowdown, the kinetic energy into pressure energy.Supersonic ramjet stamping parts with supersonic inlet and convergent or convergent diffusion Nozzle, aviation kerosene or hydrocarbon fuel. Hypersonic ramjet stamping parts in supersonic combustion was conducted using the hydrocarbon fuel or hydrogen fuel, the flight Mach number as high as 5 to 16, currently is in a hypersonic ramjet stamping parts engine in development. Then stamping parts and the vehicle must be carried by other aircraft in the air and have some speed, can be run after the engine start punching. Combined ramjet stamping parts or scramjet, or supersonic missiles and are generally used for subsonic drone on. As the supersonic ramjet stamping parts combustor entrance subsonic airflow, also referred to as the former two types of subsonic ramjet stamping parts engine, which will be called the third supersonic ramjet stamping parts engine.Using diffusion-shaped subsonic ramjet stamping parts inlet and convergent nozzle to aviation kerosene as fuel.Again introduce the stamping parts procedures. Ramjet stamping parts simple structure, light weight, thrust to weight ratio, and low cost. But no compressor can not start in the static condition, but not for normal aircraft power plant, but often used in conjunction with other engine, a modular power unit. Such as the ramjet and rocket engine combination ramjet stamping parts and turbojet engines or turbofan engines and combination. Because the BHF is too small, the flange part of the wrinkle, materials can not enter the die cavity and crack. Solution is to increase the blank holder force.Workpiece bottom of the depression or was contorted like. Do not forget somethings.The reason is drawing most of the material suspended in addition the beginning of the blank holder force is too small, the die radius is too big or too much lubricant to reduce the radial tensile stress, the tangential tensile stress increased, material instability and wrinkling.Solution is to increase the pressure side or to use drawbead; reduce the die fillet radius or thicker material.Deep drawn parts have several common quality problems, the following briefly these problems and solutions. The reason is too many rough corners or corner materials have glitches. Solution is to reduce the materials or polish rough corner corner glitch.Department of workpiece wall flange wrinkling and rupture.Because the mold does not come out too small to plug holes or vents top feed bar and the workpiece contact surface is too small, the top feed bar is too long. Solution is to drill out the holes expanded; finishing top feeding device. Because the rough center and punch deep drawn parts centers do not overlap or deep drawn parts uneven thickness; die radius and die gap unevenness. Solution is to adjust the location; school uniform clearance and trimming die radius.Risk profile significantly thinner.The reason is too small die radius, blank holder force too much material caused by the dangerous section of the radial tensile necking. Solution is to increase the die radius and clearance, rough coated with a suitable lubricant.Pull off the deep drawn parts bottom of the workpiece. The reason is the die radius is too small, material to be cut in the state. Solution is to increase the die radius.Workpiece edge wrinkles. The reason is the die radius is too large stage deep drawn parts is not out of the blank holder but not the material over the die corner than blank holder pressure, wrinkle after being drawn into the die to form the edge of wrinkles . Solution is to reduce the die radius or the use of curved blank holder.Because deep drawn parts the corner gap is too small, and the surplus material to deep drawn parts the loss of stability and wrinkle wall extrusion. Solution is to enlarge the corner space, reducing the straight wall part of the gap.Conical or hemispherical pieces of pieces of wall wrinkling.Workpiece edge of the level of inconsistency.
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