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Professional commitment toprecision metal stamping,  mold manufacturing and mold engineer .for 18 years


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Shenzhen Ligao Precision Mould Co,.Ltd

Shenzhen Ligao Precision Mould Co,.Ltd, founded in 2010, is a manufacturing enterprise that produces precision metal stamping products and precision die and moulds. We provides customers hardware parts mold design, product mold opening design and production with one-stop service.


We have obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and strictly enforce the related requirements. The company's products mainly cover consumer metal stamping parts, metal stamping terminals, automotive small stamping parts, contact shrapnels, precision stretch stamping parts, motor stamping parts, motor chips, new energy field hardware, automotive connectors , precision molds and so on.


The company adheres to the principle of specialization and aims to provide high quality products and meets the requests of customers. Our current management policy is “always pursue professionalism of industry, high quality products, management based on truths and facts, strength stronger” and we win the trust of customers by excellent quality and sincere service.


Shenzhen Ligao Precision Mould with high quality and stable products, reasonable prices, fast service, is willing to cooperate with new and old customers to create a better future!


Brief introduction of Founder

Brief introduction of Founder

Mr. Li has been focusing on metal stamping industry almost 20 years. Before founding LiGao Precision, He had been engaged in mold designs of stamping at a Japanese company, leader of stamping department. Mr.Li is proficient in the production process of various stamping dies and moulds, the range of mold precision involving coarse, medium, precise and high precision, and he is very skillful for the production and quality control details of stamping products. Up to now, our main customers including Panasonic, Canon, Casio, Shanghai Sumitomo Electric, Sony, Amphenol Connector (America famous industry guru), Huahui Connector (domestic), Tongmao Electronics (State-owned Co.,), and other well-known enterprises. Based on more than ten years of experience, he`s equipped with strong anti-pressure ability, then being accumulated excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit. 2011, the first year of era of LiGao,  since then, as founder, Mr.Li is very honest, confident, patient, courageous and target-orienting, self-motivation, leading us to develop new business from one to another... Mr. Li and our team have always adhered to our company culture of “customer first and foremost” , doing one thing correctly, being proficient in one thing, focusing on one thing, leading our team to delve into the technology of stamping field , and product precision  reaching the world's leading level, and finally, LiGao has won the trust and recognition of customers worldwide.

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